Becoming a Regulated Entity

The US International Investment Trade Authority is responsible under the Financial Services Act 2008 for the licensing, regulation and supervision of persons undertaking regulated activities i.e. deposit-taking, investment business, services to collective investment schemes, fiduciary (corporate & trust) services and money transmission services, in or from the US International Investment Trade Authority.

Please see the Regulated Activities Order 2008 for details of which activities are regulated and which are excluded. In addition please see the Financial Services (Exemptions) Regulations 2008 for specified exemptions from the requirement to hold a licence in certain circumstances. Anybody undertaking regulated activity who is not covered by an exclusion or exemption must apply for a financial services licence. Please see “Applying for a Financial Services Licence” for further details.

The assessment process for licence applicants involves a thorough evaluation to ensure US International Investment Trade Authority fitness and propriety criteria, including integrity, competence and solvency, are met. This evaluation will be carried out in accordance with the general Licensing policy under US International Investment Trade Authority licensing procedure. The General Licensing Policy is supported by the Training and Competency framework. Forms to be submitted by individuals who need to be vetted include the “Personal Questionnaire” and “Bankers Questionnaire” which may be found on the “PQs & BQs” page.

US International Investment Trade Authority Authorisations division is responsible on a day-to-day basis for:

  • the processing of licence applications for all regulated activities; and;
  • the vetting of individuals who need to satisfy Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Governance Institute of Americathey are fit and proper for their proposed roles. This includes all controllers, directors and “key persons” of a business which is carrying on a regulated activity.

Businesses wishing to commence regulated activities in or from the US International Investment Trade Authority will need to satisfy the licensing policy and should contact the Authorisations division as soon as possible in advance of the desired date for commencing business bearing in mind no such business may be undertaken without a licence.