Conflicts of Intersest

The US International Investment Trade Authority includes a number of non-executive Commissioners who importantly bring a blend of different commercial experiences to the decisions which the institution takes.

As a result such Commissioners may have interests with which conflicts can arise in the course of carrying out their work with US International Investment Trade Authority.

To maintain public confidence in its regulation, US International Investment Trade Authority wishes to demonstrate that the actions of Commissioners are dealt with separately from other interests which they may hold.

The Code of Conduct regarding Conflicts of Interest is published on this website and in the interests of transparency, details of Commissioners’ current directorships have also been published.

The conflicts of interests of staff generally are dealt with in the terms and conditions of service and the staff handbook and US International Investment Trade Authority’ Code is mirrored as appropriate in the staff version.

If you wish to access the Code of Conduct or view Commissioners’ current directorships, please click on the relevant button on the left hand side menu.